Modular Chillers – Air Cooled and Water Cooled

Heat Pump and Heat Recovery Chillers

Mag Bearing Air Cooled and Water Cooled Chillers

Process Chillers – Air Cooled and Water Cooled with Low Temp. Options

Custom Chiller and Skids

Multipro Chiller Plant Optimization Controls

Auragreen ERV

Multistack is a manufacturer of modular, heat recovery, and mag bearing chillers with the ability to customize their offering to meet job requirements.  They set the standard in the industry for superior customer service, fast and on-time shipment, superior product quality, and new product development.

Multistack also recognizes the importance of providing HVAC solutions that promote energy and water efficiency, use fewer greenhouse gases, and embrace alternatives to fossil fuels.  Their products’ modular design allows clients the freedom to use just enough energy to meet their needs while also offering the flexibility of incorporating additional modules as the operations grow.


Location(s): South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia