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Active Desiccant Dehumidification Units with or without Energy Recovery

100% Outside Air Units

Replacement Enthalpy Wheels

Small Space Dehumidifiers

NovelAire Technologies has been Creating the Great Indoors for over 15 years, supplying our customers with products that efficiently supply fresh air and independently control humidity in-home or work environments.  Whether supplying Energy Conservation or Desiccant Wheels to one of our more than 500 customers in 25 countries or supplying a solar dehumidifier to condition your neighbor’s home, we create indoor living environments that are comfortable and healthy.

NovelAire’s series of dehumidifiers and 100% make-up air units revolve around the basic concept of combining desiccant dehumidification with DX cooling to provide energy-efficient dehumidification. Compared to traditional dehumidification systems that overcool the air followed by reheat, the DES/DX concept can realize up to 40% operating cost savings.


Location(s): South Carolina, North Carolina